Launch marketing campaign proposal for Threat Sharing from Keepnet Labs



Campaign Planning

Campaign Goal & KPI Definition

  • What does success look like for the campaign?
  • What are our smart goals?
  • What metrics are we going to measure?
  • How are we going to measure it?

Buyer Profile & Persona Definition

  • What is the profile of company we want to engage with?  Which type of companies do we not want to engage with?
  • Within those companies who are we targeting (persona)?  What are they trying to achieve?  What are their goals?  How do we align with their needs?

Keyword Research

  • What keywords and phrases should we be using across our marketing activity?

Audience Definition & Creation

  • What data do we have in hand? 
  • What is the quality?
  • How can we supplement it?
  • Audience creation across social and digital advertising. Lookalike audiences.

Buyer Journey

  • Map our content requirements to the buyers journey stage – awareness, consideration, decision…

Total: 8 hours

Dedicated Campaign Website

Focused Message

  • Create a focused online destination for the Threat Sharing concept and product.
  • Not diluted with phishing simulation, education themes.

Faster to Market

  • A quicker solution that attempting to build on the existing corporate domain.

Guide Future Design

  • The campaign website creation can lead the way on a future essential rebuild of the full company website.
  • Not a wasted or additional effort.


  • Will existing on a high value, high impact domain name for the campaign.

Total: 3 days

Data & CRM

Hubspot CRM Configuration

Website lead generation will be integrated with Hubspot. We will configure the CRM elements properly to allow the campaign to run efficiently and ensure no opportunities are missed.

This includes:

  • Custom Field Setup
  • List & Filter Creation
  • Default Views for Contacts & Companies
  • Email Templates (Marketing & Sales 1-to-1)
  • Deal & Quote Setup
  • Key User Permission & Onboarding

List Cleaning

  • Existing data will be cleaned, consolidated and imported to Hubspot as required.
  • Additional data options will be sourced and evaluated.

Total: 2-3 days

Content Asset Creation

Threat Sharing Concept Video

  • 30-60s branded concept video for Threat Sharing to be distributed via social media and email marketing channels.  Illustration, typography and stock video resources, not original video content.

Use/Business Case Documents

  • Branded long and short form use/business case documents and graphics.

Explainer Videos

  • Short ‘How to’ videos on platform usage. Screen share and commentary styling with Keepnet branding.

Threat Sharing Brochure

  • Long and short form use/business case documents and graphics.

White Paper

  • Branded white paper document.

Press Release

  • Copy and styling of press release announcing the Threat Sharing product.

Illustrations, Diagrams, Imagery, Icons & Copy​

  • Design of all illustrations, diagrams, tables, icons and copy as required. Sourcing of appropriate stock imagery for download.

Content Deck

  • Branded content deck for webinar demonstrations.

Total: 8 days

Email Marketing

Email Broadcast

  • Design a series of 4 personalised marketing emails for broadcast via Hubspot.
  • These emails will aim to drive readers back to the website to download content offers or signup for one of the webinar demonstrations.

Sales 1-to-1 Outreach

  • Create personalised email templates and snippets for use in 1-to-1 sales outreach via Hubspot.

Total: 1 day

Social Media

Social Graphics & Copywriting

  • Design a series of social media graphics to promote our content and accompanying captions and hashtags.
  • Define the posting schedule. Channel management not included.

Total: 1 day

Paid Digital Advertising

Campaign Configuration

  • Research and configure paid digital advertising campaigns. Targeting, audience definition, budgeting. Review, refine and report for the life of the campaigns.

Campaign Creative

  • Design and setup campaign creative content across chosen paid channels (adwords, facebook, twitter, linkedin)

Total: 2 days


The Threat Sharing launch campaign will culminate in a webinar event (likely repeated several times) which will introduce the concept of Keepnet Threat Sharing and demonstrate the product to all attendees. The goal of the webinars will be to generate POC opportunities with our target buyers.

Webinar Preparation

  • Create all the necessary branded collateral for promotion, signup, presentation and follow up of the webinar.
  • Work with the presenters to fine tune and streamline the webinar experience prior to presentation.
  • Particular focus on efficient, focused and bug-free demonstration of the product.

Total: 2 days

Campaign Total: 21 days delivered Dec-Feb